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10 Best Beer Pubs and Micro Craft Breweries in Panama


 If you are traveling abroad to Panama on business, or as an overnight stay for one of your excursions or cruises to the Caribbean and beyond and are looking for a fun night out, you are in luck. If you think your stay in Panama has to be dull and lackluster, think again. Over the past decade, Panama has become more learned in the art of craft beer and has consequently stepped up their game. And we are sure glad they did.

In all of Panama, several stellar local breweries serving high-quality artisan beers can be found. From Panama City, Boquete, and Chiriqui, we will be diving into some awesome places to go for a beer in Panama. All of the pubs and craft breweries featured on our countdown have earned their spot and serve up some of the best-tasting beers Panama has to offer. The microbreweries and bars also offer some of the best atmosphere and ambiance around.

Once you get a taste, you will come to realize that the breweries in Panama really know what they’re doing. So sit back and take notes, because the next time you are in Panama, you will want to check out some of these spots!

1. La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada, or The Golden Frog, is one of Panama’s premier brewery and beer pub. La Rana Dorada is a microbrewery situated in Casco Viejo in Panama City.

The brewery is run by brewmaster Brad Kraus, an American who came to Panama with the intent of bringing back the art form of a well-crafted beer. Brad brought with him decades of expertise in the beer brewery industry, and it is reflected in the quality of beer. Both Brad and Marshall, the assistant brewmaster, are extremely knowledgeable and are more than happy to always answer any questions from clientele.

For those who appreciate a well-crafted quality beer, La Rana Dorada is a much-welcomed joy. Oftentimes, the staff will bring out a flight in the form of a yellow boat with samples of their brewed beers: a lager, a German-style pilsner, a British-style pale ale, and a London styled porter, a Belgium-style wit beer, and an IPA. Aside from their handcrafted beers, La Rana Dorada offers a delicious menu including their much-coveted wood fire pizza.

La Rana Dorada is a prevalent spot for beer lovers. If you are looking for a fun-filled evening, the happy hour times of La Rana Dorada are Monday through Friday, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. For those wanting to change things up a bit, the brewery does cater to other drinks as well including mojitos, margaritas, and others.

If you are a craft beer aficionado, La Rana Dorada offers tours on Friday and Saturday, twice a day. You will be able to have a closer look at the process.

La Rana Dorada does have several locations throughout Panama, however, unlike the original Casco Viejo location which serves as both a brewery and pub, other locations only serve as pubs. Other La Rana Dorada pubs import beer handcrafted at the Casco Viejo location, so the same fresh and delicious beer is served. The pub atmosphere is more accentuated at the other locations, with spaces usually being a bit larger and catering to the nightlife.

Address    Calle 9 con Calle Boquete (Esquina Casco Antiguo, Panama)
Opening hours    Sunday-Saturday 12 pm-2 am

2. Istmo Brew Pub

Istmo Brew Pub (or Isthmus Brew Pub) was the first microbrewery to open in Panama City. Situated just around the corner from Veneto Hotel in El Cangrejo Province, Istmo Brew Pub is conveniently placed to meet family and friends in the evening. Since 2005, Istmo Brew Pub has been faithfully serving domestic beers, four of which are brewed in-house and named after provinces of Panama: Cocle, Chiriqui, Colón, and Veraguas.

Istmo Bew Pub’s Cocle beer is dark-colored and has a light coffee flavor. The beer is made using roasted caramel and black malts. Their Chiriqui beer is a golden colored drink with a hint of a caramel taste and a touch of smoke. The pub’s Colón beer is a pilsner malt lager and the Veraguas beer is a copper-colored beverage made of fine hops and a variety of malts.

Istmo Brew Pub offers a good vibe and a great outdoor seating area, great for a relaxing night out enjoying the gorgeous tropical weather Panama City has to offer. The pub features occasional live music and a tentative friendly staff. The pub also features a full bar, so the usual suspect cocktails are on hand! Aside from beer and cocktails, Istmo Brew Pub also includes good food including burgers, wings, pizzas, and patacones.

Address    Eusebio a. Morales Ave Panama, Panama City, Panama
Opening hours    Sunday–Saturday 4:30 pm-2 am

3. Cervecería Legitima

Cervecería Legitima is another brewery, up-and-coming in Panama. The brewery was established in 2015 by Peter Icaza and his partner Carlos Ossa, and both have made a spectacular entrance into the marketplace. All who have tasted their offerings have raved and given high marks.

The most noted of their craft beer is their Russian Stout, a handsomely made dry pale ale, perfect on hot Panamanian days. Cervecería Legitima’s other craft beers include Legitima Castigo, Legitima Copper IPA, Legitima Vicio Oculto. The duo’s mainstays include Amber Ale (American styled), Copper Indian Pale Ale (an imperial Pale Ale), and their famous Russian Imperial (a stout).


4. Bocas Brewery Company

Bocas Brewery Company was founded in 2012 by Brewmaster Peter Wagener and Christian Maesel. If you are a beer enthusiast and a beachgoer, you are in luck. Fortunately, the brewery is conveniently located on the beach in Bocas del Toro.

If you are looking for a good chilled out spot with friendly and prompt staff and fun bartenders, Bocas Brewery Company is the place for you. Plus, they serve up a mean beer! Their ice-cold homebrew is simply delicious and fresh. They also cater very creative beers, including passion fruit wheat ale, mango, and maracuja. These are beer assortments you just can’t try anywhere else!

If you are wanting to venture into the wild side and try every assortment of Bocas Brewery Company’s beer, a flight will do just the trick. The brewery’s flight comes with an assortment of their freshly brewed beers including a porter, lager, pale ale, IPA, and saison.

Talk about the perfect day: the beach, a brewery, and delicious food. The brewery serves its famous lobster tacos and smoked lobster burger, both of which are unbelievably incredible. The fish and ceviche are top-notch as well.

Address    Las Cabanas Calle Carretera | Inside Barco Hundido, Isla Colon 77345, Panama

Opening hours    Sunday-Saturday 3 pm-10 pm

5. Boquete Brewing Company

If you are looking for a hangout spot with freshly brewed beer and an outdoorsy vibe, Boquete Brewing Company is the place. Boquete Brewing Company is located on the main street in Bajo Boquete, the perfect place after a long day of hiking and excursions. The microbrewery pub has been described as the “heart and soul” of the town, and the brewery surely lives up to its reputation! The brewery offers a rustic and relaxed setting, put has live music, and a food truck, famous for its two-person burger!

One can dance, eat food, and watch a movie projected onto a cinema-sized screen. Boquete Brewing Company is simply a great place to come meet people not only from Panama but from far and wide from all over the planet while on their travels.

The selection of beverages is nothing short of impressive. Their selections include rye wheat beers, American style ales, and the hammock time coconut pilsner. Who wouldn’t want to try that? The brews continue with ‘jugo del sol’ (or juice of the sun), and tangerine ale. Their ‘Gordo Melon’ a cantaloupe hard cider also impresses, and their double IPA is sure to provide good times.

If you will be traveling in the Boquete province, this is definitely one microbrewery that you will not want to miss out on. If you are not a fan of beers, hard ciders and wine selections are also on hand. In short, Boquete Brewing Company is the perfect place to relax, have a good time, and meet other people whilst on your travels.
Address    Boquete Brewing Company, Bajo Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Opening hours    Sunday-Wednesday 3 pm-10 pm, Thursday-Saturday 3 pm-12am

6. El Republicano

El Republicano is a microbrewery in Panama City, near the town of Coco del Mar. El Republicano is a beer aficionado’s dream, with 31 craft beers on tap. Their varieties range from stout, red ales, IPAs, and rye beers. Their India Dormida or Chivo Perro IPAs are incredible.

The microbrewery has earned a credible reputation with its stellar pint offerings, good music, and gastronomy. The bar features a nice rustic décor, perfect for those looking for a relaxing evening.

Aside from their impressive beer selection, the microbrewery also serves a delicious food menu which includes hamburgers, fries, wings, mac and cheese, corn dogs, dips, and soups. If you are vegetarian, there will be food options for you also available.

Address    86 Calle Eduardo L. Maduro Lindo, San Francisco, Panama City, Panama
Opening hours    Monday-Friday 5 pm-12 am, Saturday 12 pm-12 am, Sunday 1 pm-10 pm

7. Brew Stop

Brew stop is the first craft beer bar in Panama, located in a hip shopping center, Atrio Mall, in Panama City. Brew Stop first opened its doors on January 3rd of 2014, and ever since then, it has been offering a unique experience to its customers! The bar has reached near-renowned status in a short period of time and now offers an impressive menu of international beers including Rogue Ales, Oskar Blues, Abita Brewing Co., and ACE Ciders, to name a few.

Brew Stop also manages the distribution of local quality microbrewer companies including Boquete Brewing Company (Chiquiri) and La Rana Dorada (Casco Viejo, Panama City). Due to this, it will not be uncommon to find special release kegs and solid selections of international craft beers on tap.

If you are looking for a nice happy hour venue that you can enjoy with colleagues or friends, Brew Stop is the place for you. Good beer, great ambiance, and good food and service await. Aside from craft beers, the craft beer bar also offers various selections of wine, perfectly complementing your dinner.
Address    86 Calle Eduardo L. Maduro Lindo, San Francisco, Panama City, Panama
Opening hours    Monday-Friday 4 pm-12 am

8. Biergarten

 If you are looking for a vibrant and happening place to mingle in Panama, look no further than Biergarten located right in Panama City. The drinks at Biergarten are great and the lively ambiance is highlighted by live music! The ambiance is perfect for those looking to relax and hang out in the patio, enjoying the beautiful tropical weather. A tropical atmosphere is achieved at Biergarten despite being in the middle of the city, and the seating is styled with picnic tables, ideal for conversation and listening to live music.

If you are ready to mingle, Biergarten is a hip place to meet new people, on their vacations and travels. The staff is professional and super friendly, and mixologists are often too eager to show you their skills! Biergarten boasts an extensive beer list which includes some of the best hand-crafted beers, both national and imported. The Biergarten menu also serves other beverages including mojitos, margaritas, and daiquiris.

Further to the inviting pub atmosphere, after a long day of being out and about, Biergarten also offers a great dinner, including top-notch delicious BBQ. If you are a ceviche lover, Biergarten serves up several options, you can’t beat that!

Address    Eusebio A. Morales str. | Riande Granada Urban Hotel, Panama City, Panama
Opening hours    Monday-Saturday 4 pm-11:30 pm, Sunday 2 pm-10 pm

9. La Fabrica

If you are looking for an authentic brewery and gastro bar, La Fabrica will offer a great atmosphere where you can enjoy your evening. La Fabrica, or The Factory, offers a wide variety of beers, perfect for those looking for crafted beer in a welcoming atmosphere.

Microbrews selections include lagers, pale ales, and IPAs. In total, La Fabrica offers 5 in-house artisan beers. The patio features tons of outdoor tables spread throughout with covered and uncovered options available. The music selection featured at La Fabrica is mostly of 90s grunge, accentuating the bar’s funky atmosphere.

A funky and grungy atmosphere is accentuated by the décor selections for the bar. There are a lot of handmade items including the tables and wine racks, made from gas pipes. The tap handles were made using large electrical throw switches. Now that’s drinking on another level.

La Fabrica offers its clientele the chance to be challenged by ‘El Niño’ a contest upon which the brave and daring souls attempt to drink 2.5 liters of beer in 5 minutes, without stopping of course. Or similarly, attempt to conquer the “Great Temple”, eating a huge tower of a burger in 18 minutes or less!

Aside from the Great Temple, La Fabrica also offers diverse food options, including burgers (regularly sized), sliders, wings, pesto style dips, and hummus, which is quite the popular option. If you are vegetarian, La Fabrica offers a vegetarian burger, bruschetta, and schnitzels.

Address    Calz. de Amador, Panamá, Panama
Opening hours    Monday-Friday 5 pm-12 pm, Saturday 3 pm-12 pm, Sunday 11 pm-11 pm

10. Londoner Pub

The Londoner Pub, as you might have guessed, is a British style pub situated on Calle Uruguay. If you thought you couldn’t find British beers in Panama, think again. The pub has been described as having the best staff in Latin America, and with clientele feedback such as this, this is one pub that you shouldn’t pass up! The pub is owned by an Englishman and frequented by many friendly ex-pats and locals on the reg. The Londoner serves up about ten taps pouring both British and local Panamanian brews, including varieties of IPAs and ciders.

The pub also offers English style food and a relaxed environment and a couple of pool tables for a mellow and relaxing evening. The owner Piers is also known to come to chat with the clientele. Those who are familiar with London note that the vibe offered at the Londoner Pub isn’t any different from pubs found in London. Now that is the perfect complement!
Address    Calle República de Uruguay, Panamá, Panama
Opening hours    Monday-Saturday 12 pm-3 pm, 6 pm-2 am, Sunday 12 pm-3 pm, 6 pm-10 pm

Let’s go to the pub!

Panama is becoming increasingly sophisticated and upscale in its adoption of craft beer. If you are a craft beer lover and are going to be in Panama, you are in for a treat. Artisan lagers, pilsners, pale ales, porters, and IPAs are all awaiting your arrival. If you are not a beer aficionado, Panama’s microbreweries also offer impressive menus of the usual cocktail suspects like mojitos, margaritas, and daiquiris, not to mention their wine list.

Panama will be glad to host your next happy hour, we look forward to seeing you here!